Greenbells + Yoga =

Fitness and Flexibility

Canada's great Yoga guru, Deborah Devine, uses Greenbells in her routines to help make Yoga accessible to students of all ages and all abilities. Deborah's Yoga routines with Greenbells help anyone who is experiencing injuries, chronic pain, mobility limitations, and aging-related challenges. Deborah is a strong advocate for a gentle and restorative approach that all can enjoy, regardless of experience or ability.

New episodes of Deborah's show Healing Yoga debut Dec. 1 on Canada's OneTV network. We'll post those videos below as soon as they are available. In the meantime, you can learn more about Deborah Devine and Healing Yoga by clicking here

Meanwhile, watch Dr. John Tew, a noted neurologist, explain how Greenbells can help arthritis sufferers: 

Neurologist Dr. John Tew shows how Greenbells can help people with arthritis stay fit, balanced and flexible.

Greenbells are the only handweight you can exercise with that you don't have to grip. That's what makes them unique, and that's what makes them ideal for seniors and others with gripping problems. Now, you can exercise with light weights and not worry about dropping them.

Greenbells are the perfect tool for arthritis sufferers to stretch and do light exercise. Arthritis sufferers will vastly improve their flexibility and stability,  without risking pain or injury. 

Dr. John Tew, a noted neurosurgeon, neurologist and wellness expert who recently retired from the Mayfield Clinic in Cincinnati, and who himself suffers from osteoarthritis has this to say:

"The advantage of the Greenbell is that it's gripless. It's great for people like me who have arthritis and need to do exercises to improve our sustainable strength and flexibility. Short bursts of exercise are extremely helpful. The principal value of Greenbells is you don't have to hold on them. I strongly recommend them for senior citizens. Give them a try."

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