Seniors: Get fit, get flexible and live better - exercise with Greenbells!

Most of us older Americans are out of shape. That’s why our chairman, Bob Green (88) and president, Don Gwaltney (78) developed revolutionary new Greenbells: grip-free hand weights that you can use at home or office, easily and quickly, every day.


Yes – even at the office! Because when you stretch with Greenbells, you do NOT break into a sweat; you do not need to put on gym clothes. The amazingly effective Greenbells are the gentlemen’s and ladies’ key to keeping flexible without huffing and puffing!

Experts agree that moderate daily exercise will help you fend off the ill effects of aging. New discoveries show exercise can even help keep Alzheimer's Disease at bay. "Being physically active makes your body function on the inside more like a young person’s,” the New York Times said recently. Greenbells will keep you active, stretching the muscles you need to stretch, and working to improve your flexibility, mobility and stability.

You know how important – and effective – stretching is. By adding the proper amount of weight resistance to your stretching, your results will dramatically increase!  “Do the 10’s” – for just 15 minutes a day – and Greenbells are guaranteed to make you feel better. Go for it! 

Greenbells are unique, grip-free, hand weights. You put your hand inside them, so you don;t have to squeeze them to hold on. And they’re light – only 2 1/2 pounds apiece.

Greenbells are not only grip-free; they’re risk free. If you aren’t completely satisfied after stretching with them for 30 days, return them and get a full refund. You have nothing to lose. And if you are a golfer, you have distance to gain – increase your drives by up to 10 percent or get your money back.

To get you started, your set of Greenbells will come with “Do the 10s,” a large Poster of our ten easy-to-do stretches.

Thanks. And here is to the most vital part of you – your health!