SENIORS! Stretch with grip-free Greenbells and get your flexibility back. Guaranteed. 

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Exercise with grip-free Greenbells to rebuild flexibility, mobility and balance in just 15 minutes a day!

Greenbells pair

Arthritis, Parkinson’s Disease or another degenerative ailment keeping you from an active life? Recovering from rotary cuff surgery or frozen shoulder? Or you simply can't hit the golf ball as far as you used to? Then click below to buy a pair of Greenbells, the grip-free hand weights that help seniors easily and safely restore flexibility, mobility and balance .


Arthritis sufferers: Stretching works! And stretching with a pair of 2½-pound Greenbell hand weights works even better, because Greenbells are grip-free.

Watch the short video at the link below to hear what Neurologist and Wellness Expert Dr. John Tew, M.D., has to say about arthritis and Greenbells.

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If you’re over 40, you’ve lost flexibility, the key to distance. Happens to every golfer. Get it back! After just 30 days of streching with Greenbells, you’ll increase your drives by at least 10 percent. That’s guaranteed!

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Senior Fitness

Most older Americans are out of shape. That’s why we created revolutionary new Greenbells: grip-free hand weights that you can use at home or office, easily and quickly, every day to stay healthy, flexible and mobile. 

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