We've produced a number of instructional and informational videos. Take a look, and if you'd like us to feature your video of you exercising with Greenbells, please send us a link at info@greenbells.com.

Remember, you've got nothing to lose and distance to gain.

Super Senior Amateur Golfer of the Year 2011 Gary Shimmin explains how Greenbell Grip-Free Weights are the better way to stretch! He attributes his flexibility to the use of these devices. Order at Greenbells.com. Toll free: 1-844-544-FLEX

Build rotator cuff strength with Terry Miskolczi, the Golf Doctor

Don Gwaltney, Greenbell's 78-year-old president and resident Golf Guru shows how to spar with Greenbells. Just a  few minutes of throwing shadow punches is great exercise for seniors, building flexibility AND strength.

Don Gwaltney, Greenbells president, shows you some exercises you can do with Greenbells