Golf with Greenbells

Golf is often defined as “a game you can play all of your life.”

What that definition neglects to mention is that playing the game well is a “gimme” denied to most senior golfers. As people get older, they get stiff. They lose their flexibility. And the single most basic thing that golf requires is flexibility.

That's why we've developed Greenbells. Exercise just 15 minutes a day with Greenbells and you'll regain lost flexibility, stability and mobility. And once again, you'll be able to Bomb the Ball!

The Golf Doctor, Terry Miskolczi, explains how Greenbells can help older golfers regain flexibility and avoid injury. Watch the video, then order yourself a pair of Greenbells. If you exercise with Greenbells for 30 days and can't hit the ball at least 10 percent farther, we'll refund the entire purchase price. You've got nothing to lose and distance to gain.

Uploaded by Bluffton Today on 2015-01-06.

In Fact, Terry recently tested Greenbells on a group of amateur golfers in Hilton Head, South Carolina. After a month of stretching with Greenbells, his students were hitting the ball 10 to 12 yards farther than before they started. Proof that Greenbells work. Go to it Tiger, you've got nothing to lose and distance to gain!