What They're Saying About Greenbells

"I replaced dumbbells with Greenbells in many of my personal fitness sessions and in my group fitness class. I found that Greenbells are highly effective for flexibility training and power development. Most of my clients are older, and I found that they respond well to the design of the Greenbell, which makes maintaining grip much easier than than traditional dumbbells and kettlebells. My golfers prefer the Greenbells to medicinebells and traditional handweights when working on club  head speed and range of motion.



"The Greenbell method of stretching and strengthening with quiet hands is a major breakthrough in the field of exercise science. It allows the user to train the core musculature while concentrating efforts of the major skeletal muscles--the same musculature that supplies the power to the golf swing. The quiet hands design also facilitates success in patients who suffer from conditions that limit grip strength."  -- Tammy Randolph, Director of Recreation and Wellness at Spring Island Club

Here's what South Carolina Golfer Annie Keyser has to say:
"I love them, they are a perfect weight. I won't hurt myself but with enough rotations build strength and flexibilty. Easy to hold on to and easy to work with. They give me something to round out my work out:  the machine, some free weights and the Greenbells. This means in winter, I don't have to leave the house.      Thank you"

 Annie, We thank you and we are sure you will soon be thanking the Greenbells themselves!                       


And physicians tell us Greenbells are ideal for patients recovering from shoulder surgery:

“For patients with difficulty gripping from arthritic conditions or post-surgery, exercising with Greenbells means the benefits of therapy will be seen by the rotator cuff, where it’s most needed, and not be wasted in the forearms. The way Greenbells conform to your hand is much better ergonomically than a standard dumbbell, and exercising with Greenbells will speed a patient’s recovery and they’ll be happier doing it.”

Dr. John D. MacGillivray
Associate Prof. of Orthopedic Surgery
Hospital for Special Surgery, New York

"Using  Greenbells will make golfers much more flexible and accurate with every shot. I recommend that every  golfer -- no matter her or his skill level -- start using  Greenbells on a daily basis." -- Bill Sampson, Director of Golf  at Spring Island Golf Club 

"Stretching is the one thing all golfers can do to get flexible. And every golfer, especially Senior Golfers, needs a pair of Greenbells. Greenbells are the better way to stretch" -- Gary Shimmin, GolfWeek SuperSenior Amateur of the Year 2011

"Any time you add weight to the motion of a golf swing, it becomes a little less mechanical and a little more fluid. If you can increase the club-head speed by pulling it back farther, then follow through ... you'll see the results in your drive." - Josh May, head golf pro at Dataw Island, who's used Greenbells with his students

"Many thanks for the Greenbells. We love them!!" -- Peggy and Arthur Hendrick, Spring Island, South Carolina

"Beneficial and easy to use" -- Lee S. (two hip replacements, aged 68)

 "I am impressed with the design and do believe they will be a good product for seniors.  I will definitely recommend them to my students and sell them in our golf shop." - Tommy P., PGA Pro