Now that we're living longer, we need a way to live better. 

As we age, we all lose strength, balance and flexibility. It's a fact. And that's why Greenbells were invented. Greenbells are grip-free. You put your hands inside them, not around them. So you can stretch to regain and maintain strength, balance and flexibility with quiet hands, the same way you play, not just golf, but any sport. Try releasing any ball or swinging any club with tight hands ... it doesn't work. Get a pair of Greenbells and start stretching. 

It's easy and takes just a few minutes a day. But what a difference stretching with quiet hands makes! Start with the Greenbells 10s.

Senior Golfers: Greenbells will help you increase your drives by 15 yards. Guaranteed!

Let SuperSenior Gary Shimmin show you how:

You're never too old to stretch.

And a pair of Greenbells makes stretching easier AND more effective.

Have Arthritis? Do what Dr. John Tew does. Stretch with grip-free Greenbells

Stretch with grip-free Greenbells

Senior Golf Aid

$49 for the pair
PLUS a poster of our 10 basic
Greenbells stretches


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